White Cliffs of Dover Appeal

We’ve launched a £1.2 million appeal to secure the long-term future of the world famous White Cliffs of Dover.

We’re hoping to raise the funds needed to buy the 1.35km (just under a mile) iconic stretch of cliff that runs between the South Foreland Lighthouse and the Trust’s visitor centre which overlooks the port of Dover.

If successful the appeal will ensure that public access to the White Cliffs can be improved for future generations to enjoy.  It will also mean that this much-loved stretch of the Kent coastline can be cared for in a way to enhance the habitat for local wildlife.

Nic Durston, Assistant Director of Operations for the National Trust, said: “The White Cliffs symbolise a sense of journey and, since World War II, have become as evocative for England as the Statue of Liberty is for the USA. These dramatic cliffs also epitomise why we all love the coast.

“If we are successful in this appeal it means that we’ll be able to manage this English icon to improve its value as a wildlife haven and improve the access for visitors.”

Standing proud at over 110 metres, the White Cliffs of Dover have witnessed many dramatic moments in England’s history and are home to a wonderful array of rich wildlife; from the Adonis blue butterfly to rare coastal plants such as Oxtongue broomrape.

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland we look after more than 720 miles of coastline. The Trust acquired its first stretch of the White Cliffs of Dover in 1968.

More than 7km (nearly 5 miles) of this stretch of the coastline is now looked after by us for everyone to enjoy.

Hundreds of thousands of people come to visit the dramatic chalk cliffs every year with their wonderful views across the English Channel.

The funds need to be raised by the end of the year to help ensure that the conservation and management of the coast can continue on a wider landscape scale.

There are three easy ways that money can be donated to the appeal:

–          Make a donation online at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/whitecliffsappeal and you can choose to have your name engraved on our virtual White Cliffs of Dover.

–          You can text a donation to support the appeal.  For example, if you wanted to donate £5 you’d need to text ‘DOVR02 £5’ to ‘70070. The amount that you wish to donate must be included in the text.

–          Make a donation over the phone by calling 0844 800 1895.

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