Don’t let the barbarians hand over the Cliffs

It’s the People’s Port and some people will do what they like in it…

It’s a bitter irony that, just as the National Trust is successfully raising funds to buy a section of the White Cliffs of Dover for the benefit of the nation, the Government could be about to sanction the sale of another stretch right next to it. Dover Harbour Board, a non-profit independent statutory body which has run the docks since 1606, wants to privatise the docks, along with a section of the cliffs that form part of their backdrop. The buyer would be a wholly owned subsidiary of the board, a company limited by shares. A decision is due in the next few weeks.

Article in today’s Telegraph. (As with all posts here, it is of course the case that all opinions expressed are mine alone and not necessarily those of the National Trust)


One thought on “Don’t let the barbarians hand over the Cliffs

  1. I have a personal interest in Dover Harbour Board in that my uncle Bruce Keith was a member of the board plus for the whole of my life DHB has been running the docks etc. I see no need to privatise this simply to satisfy an out-of-touch government’s wishes. Leave well alone

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