Introducing our White Cliffs of Dover writer – Julian Baggini

The White Cliffs of Dover loom large in our national story.  They have come to symbolise, for many, the spirit and nature of the British character.  These imposing chalky cliffs have also played a crucial part in a sense of journey and the adventure of travel or that feeling of coming home and stepping on to terra firma.  For millions of Brits living across the world the White Cliffs are a clear symbol of British identity, in the same way that the statue of liberty has defined American values.

Writer and philosopher Julian Baggini will be spending a week at the White Cliffs of Dover, much of which is cared for by the National Trust, unpicking the meaning of this much loved stretch of the Kent coast.  He will be delving into why they have become so wrapped up with our national identity.  How can one place become so intrinsically linked to defining our sense of belonging?

As an Island nation we’re never that far from the coast, and he’ll also be looking at what our relationship with the coast says about us.

Julian will be talking to the people that live and work in vicinity of the White Cliffs, taking time out to travel to France for a fresh perspective and unpack their meaning with local experts.


One thought on “Introducing our White Cliffs of Dover writer – Julian Baggini

  1. Having lived abroad for many years, in three different continents, yet always returning to my home in Sussex, the white cliffs are not a clear symbol of British identity. Instead they symbolise an obsolete, redundant and confused notion of Britishness. I love the cliffs visual and geological qualities but there are many more symbols of our nationhood to be found.

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